Most photographers have a trick or two up their sleeve when it comes to touchups and post-processing. Pimples, scars, tan lines, bruises, and the odd mosquito or two have all fallen by the wayside once I wield my Wacom in Photoshop.

However, there is one touchup tool that surpasses all others, reducing the need for post-production gymnastics and the possibility of flyaway hair.

Her name is Trisha Hanko.

A brilliant stylist with an eye for detail and a zest for the process, Trisha can make my seniors look good from the get-go, and keep them looking great throughout the shoot if need be.

Today, for example, senior Katelyn wore her hair long and straight, in a pony, with a subtle French braid, and in a elegant chignon! You would never know that the humidity was through the roof. Tricia kept Katelyn’s hair perfect — for hours.

Trisha is a cosmetology school grad, with ten+ years of fashionable stylin’ under her belt.

A popular cosmetologist at Spa Kalahari in the Wisconsin Dells, Tricia is in demand. But she is making herself available for select senior sessions.

In most cases, girls will want their hair blown dry with a round brush. And the makeup? Crucial as far as making skin look flawless. (She’s great at making it look as though you are NOT wearing makeup. That’s the trick!)

If you’re thinking you might want one less thing to worry about before or during your shoot, let me know and I’ll check Tricia’s availability.

There is nothing like being a Diva for a Day!