In a quest to hone my pet photography skills, I recently put out a “casting call” for dog models. They didn’t have to be registered, beautiful or trained like circus dogs. (Although that would have been a hoot.)

Molly contacted me that day. I remember seeing “Vincent” at the dog park. He was sooo cute. Now? He is just plain captivating.

And well-behaved. And full of character that money can’t buy. In short, a pet photographer’s dream.

Sure, he’s a dog. He wants to sniff trees and rocks and water. He wants to nibble on tall grasses and beg for treats. (Note to self: treats turn photographers into Best Friends. The smellier, the better. The treats, I mean. But I digress. )

Vincent can read Molly like a book. Just the gentlest of words can make him swing his attention from an intruder in the woods (ok, it was a  squirrel) back to Molly. With a turn, he proudly trots back to her, with at look that says, “A squirrel? Yeah. I knew that. Sooo…where are those treats?”