Seniors are finishing their scholarship essays, thanking their references, counting the number of days they were absent (to make sure they can walk the stage!), deciding on a plan of action for fall, and getting pret-ty excited about graduation. And it’s only March! Woot! Woot!

And that means: grad parties are right around the corner!

I love designing custom grad invites. Why? It’s really the seniors’ last chance to say, in a visual way,”this is who I am as a senior in 2012.”

More often that not, custom invites go from the refrigerator to a scrapbook. They are just too pretty to toss.

I have just started to put new senior grad designs in my system and will be ready soon to show you how your images can look on a custom piece.

This year I am designing 5×7 flat, 5×7 folded, and custom-shaped (very cool) invites.

Seniors: give me a call when you have your party details finalized and we’ll put together an awesome party piece! (Did I mention I love my job as a Wisconsin senior photographer?)