Sometimes we forget how good we have it here in southern Wisconsin. Case in point: I just photographed a senior from a small town near Milwaukee. Cassie is no stranger to the Baraboo/Wisconsin Dells area. So when she looked for a senior photographer, she wanted someone who could capture not only her, but a glimpse of the area that she loves so much.

She was a senior photographer’s dream: willing, able, and armed with lots of great ideas! So, even though it was nearly 95 degrees (in the shade), and even though my OFF! did not appear to be working to thwart off the sparrow-sized mosquitos, we set off to some of her favorite spots in the Baraboo area. And, I think we nailed it.

On the way home we stopped at Devil’s Lake, a must for anyone who loves Sauk County. What kid wouldn’t want to dip her toes in the water on a hot day?

We live in a beautiful area, yes we do.  After I said goodbye to Cassie and her mom and unloaded my equipment, my husband and I met his daughter downtown for one of our favorite concerts on the Square: Od Tapo Imi. The music was great, the crowd was awesome, and the ice cream was to die for.

We ran home for a quick change of clothes and headed back out to Devil’s Lake around 10 pm where we waded in the water and were lucky enough to see  at least 10 shooting stars trail across the evening sky. Amazing.

Did I mention that I think we are lucky?