A checklist for juniors? What can that be? Read on…

Here you are. Coming ‘round the last bend of your Junior year. It’s exciting. It’s scary. Your Senior year is ALMOST HERE!

To make next year an absolute breeze, you need to make a checklist. (Trust me. I’ve done this twice.) Some of these things you may need; some not.

Get your calendar out. Grab a pen. Write these down, then check them off.

  1. A list all about you. e.g. awards, extracurricular activities, offices held, volunteerism, employment, languages spoken, travel, and people you think can be good references. Pretty soon you’ll be asked for applications. Resumes. Letters. And forms. It’s hard to remember all that stuff on the fly. So start your list now. Keep a running tally of the things you’ve done, are doing, and probably will do. You’ll thank me later. (Note: last time I checked, things like raking leaves and shoveling snow for a neighbor still counted as volunteerism; don’t forget the things you did just to be nice to others.)
  1. ACT/SAT exams. These can be nerve-racking. Consider taking a pre-test class or get a book on how to take the exam. Then register and mark the date on your calendar. Be sure and get a good night’s sleep the night before, and have breakfast. I know, I know. I sound like a MOM. (Cuz I am.)
  1. Senior pictures. Everyone’s picture is in the yearbook (or should be). If you decide to go with a professional photographer, I strongly suggest you do your research and book your session early. Yearbook deadlines are usually between October and December, but that doesn’t mean you can wait until then. Photographers can book quickly for specific seasons. Don’t wait until the last minute.
  1. College/tech school visits. My niece started her college visits as a sophomore. Is this the norm? Beats me. But if you are considering a college or technical school after you graduate, sign up for an official visit or two. (Or more.) You’ll save time when it comes to filling out applications, and you’ll know what your scholarships options are.
  1. Scholarships. Who doesn’t want free money? Some of the scholarship apps take a long time to complete. And some are first-come, first-served. Meet with your guidance counselor. He/she can point you in the right direction and save you loads of time. Then get to work. On a side note…Baraboo High School students should check out barabooscholarships.com. You fill out ONE form to apply for many scholarships. Last year, BCSC awarded $145,000 in scholarships! That’s nothing to sneeze at. (Don’t forget to thank your references!)
  1. Enjoy yourself. Really. Go to Prom. Homecoming. Sports events. Get involved. The senior year is called “the year of lasts.” Start your To Do list now, and you’ll get to enjoy every minute of your last year.

Good luck, Juniors!