My powder room/laundry room has undergone a magical transformation. It’s the kind of metamorphosis made possible by color and organization – not unlike designing a portrait album!

Originally country in design, I wallpapered both rooms myself 14 years ago. And I must have done a darn good job, because that paper just did. Not. Want. To. Come. Off! My Dad taught me how to wallpaper, but I think I missed the part about removal. (Thank you, Amy, for peeling little pieces off with me for an afternoon. I can still smell the Downy…)

The linoleum floor had long since lost its sheen and cleaning it (it was WHITE) was nearly impossible. Guests got to see everything from decade-old scuffs to dust bunnies.

Enter a designer with experience, great ideas, and a flair for putting a room together on a budget. Jane at McGann Furniture took one long look at the area and was able to pull flooring, color and tile options for me. She suggested the baskets on the wall, keeping the floor clear.

I took my time with each step, looking forward to the installation of the “bling,” that wall of glass and rock tile that just catches my eye each time I walk by.

The frosting on the cake was moving one of my favorite Sara Strozinsky pieces to its new home. It is, in Jane’s words, “Perfect. Just perfect.”

Still looking for a mirror…taking my time!


Look who’s doing laundry!!