You know how you feel when you find a pair of jeans that is *just* right? Or a necklace that you KNOW will become your favorite?

Well, as a Wisconsin senior photographer, that’s the way I feel about the new products I’m offering.

I needed to find a more modest album…but until now couldn’t find one that had the elegance and pizzazz that my clients look for.

Enter the Look Book: a 5×7 album with covers that rival anything I have seen on the market.

Each album comes carefully wrapped in tissue paper, and is nestled in its own protective box. The perfect keepsake place for senior pictures. Did I mention that the covers are fabulous?

Choose from leather or non-leather bindings. With names like Zydeco, Liplock, Chocoholic, Sagebrush Lizard and Junkyard Dog, these album gems will be as special as your senior. Featured below: Love Junky (leather) and Lion’s Gate (brocade).