Hopefully you’ve all recovered from Black Friday and Cyber-Monday.

So it’s time for a Cyber-Tuesday contest.

Here’s the deal. Take a gander at the photo of the Thanksgiving dogs below…and match the dog with his/her name. I know what you’re thinking, “How could I possibly…?”

First of all, I’ll GIVE you the names. Be the first to put them in order correctly (front row/back row) and you win a $50 print credit at Laura McArthur Photography.

Entries close on Friday at midnight. (In case we get no entries, I know three dogs that will receive $50 worth of doggie toys!)

The names:

Blue, Parker, Angel, Stella, Liebchen, Emmy, Truman, Missy

Family members and those present at the Thanksgiving jamboree are not eligible to participate.

Comment away!