As a high school senior photographer  I have photographed teens showing animals at the fair; playing all manner of sports; driving cars, trucks and tractors; riding motorcycles, road bikes, and horses.

I have been known to hike bluffs, dangle from trees over cliffs, wade in rivers and streams, scramble on rocks at Devil’s Lake, perch myself on tall deer stands (not doing that again, OK?) and shoot from an airborne helicopter with no doors. (Yeah. I’d do that again!)

This morning I got to add a new experience to my list, compliments of one of my favorite commercial clients.

To celebrate their 50th anniversary, the employees of St. Clare Hospital arranged themselves in the form of a 50 (with a heart!) in front of the building. Hmm…how to “see” these fine people and the hospital itself?

Problem solved. I was hoisted high in the air in a bucket and got the shot with a wide angle lens.

Thanks to St. Clare Marketing Director Melanie for planning this shot and taking care of every little detail (including the bullhorn!) and  Nellie from Next Level Creative  who oversaw the design and processing.

Happy professionals. Beautiful day. Even got a nice shot of the Baraboo Bluffs to the south!