They haven’t been little kids for years. They tell ME what’s good to order at lunch, and they know the city like the back of their hand. (Which is why they drive downtown – not me.)

After I visit my kids in “the big city,” I always regret not capturing at least a moment of it with a photograph.

This time, I did.


LMP 5234mke1.14RSZ

They let me pick the restaurant. What can I say? It was Taco Thursday at Belair!

LMP 5235mke1.14RSZ

This was our server, Brody. He was learning to take orders without writing them down. Impressed us all by remembering 11 different kinds of tacos (they were SMALL!), beans or no, pinto or black, and then, the drink order. OK. That wasn’t hard. Water. Water. Water.

LMP 5252mke1.14RSZ

Anyone remember how I was pining for just a few photographs of my boys? Well, they indulged me. They didn’t want to do it. (At all.) But, I’m their mom. Are these forced smiles? Kinda.

LMP 5260mke1.14RSZ

Mmm. The taco in the front is lamb. Yes, lamb.
LMP 5272mke1.14RSZLMP 5273mke1.14RSZLMP 5274mke1.14RSZ

I will so miss this young man. Hoping he can scope out some good coffee places in his new city…