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by | Feb 5, 2017

Proud to Be a Photographer

A few weeks ago I was hired to document a surprise marriage proposal. The groom-to-be thought it would be great to have someone take a picture with an iPhone after she said “yes.” But the more he thought about it, the more he wanted to have a professional on board to...

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The perfect birthday gift

It was the simplest of birthday gifts. And most of the time, those are the best. Bekah contacted me this winter about booking a photo session as a birthday gift for her mom. Between Bekah’s university schedule and the Wisconsin weather (cold, snowy, cold, grey, snowy,...

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A Checklist for Juniors

A checklist for juniors? What can that be? Read on… Here you are. Coming ‘round the last bend of your Junior year. It’s exciting. It’s scary. Your Senior year is ALMOST HERE! To make next year an absolute breeze, you need to make a checklist. (Trust me. I've done this...

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Paper pictures can tell the whole story

Everyone uses cell phones to take pictures. Shared on social media and texted to friends and family, the pictures document fun times, interesting places and family members new and old. But cell phones fail. Or get lost. They’re just little computers, after all. That’s...

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