It’s been said that the very best Christmas presents come from the heart. I have to agree.

As much as we all love the latest shiny gadget, department store gift certificate, or brand new clothes swaddled in snow white tissue, there is something special about gifts that cannot be purchased online or at a retail store.

Let’s face it, handmade, one-of-a-kind presents rock.

Some of my favorites:

christmas presents handmade

Handmade pots and jewelry dishes made with love by a creative 4th grader. And custom pinstriped coffee mugs created by a favorite brother!

handmade jewelry

Custom jewelry made from the heart, by people who know what you like!

christmas present knitting

Hand-knit elliptical scarves made with pillow-soft squishy yarn.

(Author’s confession: knitting a gift, especially with elegant yarn, is a gift unto itself. Thank you, Purl Soho!)

This gift is truly one-of-a-kind. A creative soul, my partner in copywriting crime, compiles her favorite holiday tunes and burns them to CD for family and friends. I sooo look forward to this little gift in the mail each November… I’ll be humming these tunes until January!

baraboo senior photographer CD

The gift of music – one of my “favorite things.”

At the very top of my list (of course) are photographs of friends and family. When I get holiday cards with photographs inside, they automatically become Keepers.

Of course, I love professional photographs. But when it comes right down to it, professional or not, you can hold printed photographs in your hand, place them in an album, hang them on your wall, or just stack them in a pretty box. No computer screen needed. Guaranteed to always be compatible – with everything.

Printed photographs are one of the only Christmas presents that operate without batteries or chargers, always “fit,” are the perfect color, can put a smile on your face and transport you back in time.

Prints are forever. One of the very best Christmas presents.


baraboo photographer family

Merry Merry-Recovered