I am grateful for so many things, some of which are pictured above.

I am grateful for those zany dogs who keep my day hopping. Stella and I had a long chat  the other day and she told me of her lifelong desire to have long hair. After YEARS of trying, sadly, it was still, well, short. So I chose the Pippi Longstocking-look reindeer ears for her. At least she’ll have a “do” for a little while. Truman got the sleeping cap because that’s what he does best. And Parker got the one with dangly bulbs because if any of the dogs were to have piercings, it would be him. He’s just that way. I’m just sayin’.

I am grateful for my new plaid boots. Waterproof. Comfy. PLAID. Say no more.

I am grateful for a pair of handmade mittens crafted by a woman who knows her stuff. I can honestly say I’ve never had a warmer pair. And they are that much more special because they were made by hand for me. Thank you, thank you. (No. I don’t store them in an evergreen bush.)

I am grateful for all of the seniors, children and families that trusted me to photograph them in 2010. It was a wonderful year for me, and I met so many new people that I can now call friends. I will always remember the mosquitos, humidity, wardrobe malfunctions, giggles, “moms with reflectors,” and locations I didn’t know existed. Some of your images just take my breath away. I love my job!!

I am grateful for my two boys who declined to be photographed for this little post. Actually, I DID photograph them, but it wasn’t pretty. They were still in bed, you see. Young men need sleep. Lots of it I gather.

And I am grateful for the man attached to those hands on the computer. Funny, warm, and just an all-around good person with an award-winning smile that melts my heart… I am fortunate beyond measure.

Thank you, everyone.