It’s true. We are officially under a “blizzard watch.” Sort of reminds me of the winters of my youth. Where the snow piles were unbelievably high, and sledding was an everyday after-school activity.

Of our three canines, Parker is definitely the most enthusiastic about the winter weather. I am always amazed that he can find those tennis balls, even in a foot of new snow. Stella and Truman watched him frolic about from inside the garage. I think I heard one of them say, “Uh huh. Let’s just say we did…” and the other say, “Sheesh. What a nut. Is it time for lunch?”

I got outside this morning to do some winter shooting before any of the dogs had jumped in the pristine snow. The trees are absolutely gorgeous. It’s really magical. I can’t wait until the cross country ski trails are groomed. We are sooo fortunate to live in such a beautiful area!

I see holiday cookies and tree decorating in my immediate future. And – more senior mini accordion albums!